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Women in Travel

Introducing Women in Travel CIC

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Women in Travel is a social enterprise that aims to leverage a thriving global travel and tourism industry and its suppliers to provide women with the opportunity to fulfil their economic and individual potential through education, engagement and entrepreneurship. Our vision is to:  1. Become a recognised catalyst for women empowerment in the international travel and tourism sector. 2.  Provide communities in key regions  with a sustainable livelihood by enabling women to become economically independent through entrepreneurship and a thriving career in the travel and tourism industry.  

Women in Travel CIC was founded in 2017 by Alessandra Alonso as a  social enterprise  to provide women with the opportunity to fulfil their economic and individual potential by leveraging a growth industry such as travel and tourism.  Women in Travel  aims to engage with corporate and public sector partners to  support women internationally with  mentoring , networking  and enterprising . Originally launched in 2014 as an event within World Travel Market , it grew to become a distinctive entity with a social aim.
Alessandra has a substantial track record in supporting women and providing them with personal and professional development, including coaching, mentoring, and enterprising and leadership skills. She has worked to support women in the sector over the past 15 years and co-founded the Shine Awards for Women’s Achievement in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, now run by People First in the UK, back in 2005.
An Advisory  Board has been set up to support Alessandra in developing and executing Women in Travel's Mission and Vision, whose five members are distinguished industry professionals.  
Travel and tourism remains an industry of growth (5-6% annual growth predicted over the next decade by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation) and one in which women make up the bulk of the workforce (50-70% depending on location, internationally). However there are two noticeable facts that Women in Travel wishes to address: 1. Women are still the minority when it comes to senior roles in corporate travel and tourism, whether in the UK or abroad. 2. Women owned travel and tourism businesses are still few and often only micro businesses (bearing in mind that in the UK only 17% of ALL businesses are female owned)
Women in Travel wishes to address the above situations by:
1. Providing women internationally with a platform for coming together, learn from each other and feel inspired to progress their career through a variety of events, workshop and initiatives, most noticeably the ones already taking place during World Travel Market events.
2. Working in partnership with industry, governments and other interested parties, empower women to set up and grow their own travel and tourism business by undertaking projects aimed at reducing common barriers (such as access to funding) and acquiring practical skills.
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